About Us

In Code We Trust !

Embedded School is a brand new learning platform in IT domain with qualified trainers and new info materials in fields. Our scope is to grow an IT community in local marketplace because as sad Helen Keller – “Alone, we can do so little. Together, we can do so much”

Our purpose is to increase and empower knowledge in IT domain and in programming languages trough supporting and teaching with latest materials, with interactive workshops and problem solving.

The reasons of creating Embedded School are the following :

  • University degree is not enough for students to have good knowledge to be hired.
  • IT domain is growing day by day , there are more and more open positions for Software developers and QA testers. But there are not enough candidates to fill those offers.
  • It is important for every IT company to have skilled employers, to be able to obtain every project requests by great skilled engineers.

Our scope is to cover all upper points. We want to prepare our students to mark all the criteria mentioned above.

Apply to us and build your future !

We are proud of our successes